The 5 Reasons Your Facility Needs a Bin Storage Cabinet

The 5 Reasons Your Facility Needs a Bin Storage Cabinet

Ainsley Gialamas

Our Bin cabinets are protected by a 3-point locking system and 8-gauge leaf hinges for ultimate security. The doors feature stainless steel hinge pins for a rust-free and smooth operation and the cast steel handle is lockable with a standard padlock hasp. Some bin cabinets feature keyed locks and ventilated doors. All storage solutions are proudly made in the USA in a veteran-owned plant.

1. Keeps Your Tools Organized 

Easily store your small parts and tools in a methodical and orderly way. Bins can easily be labeled with their contents, making it easy to locate and replenish the stock. When using bins each item will have its own designated place which we assist companies and teams in reaching their 5S goals. Once the bins have been dully stocked and labeled it will be easy to standardize and sustain these practices in other storage solutions. 

2. Provides a Consolidated Storage Solution

You will be able to store small parts neatly and efficiently while reducing the amount of floor space used These cabinets are a heavy-duty high density storage solution that will be able to withstand your facility's conditions. The bin's sizes vary from cabinet to cabinet as well as their load capacity. We offer a range of sizes ranging from 4 - 8 inches wide with capacities between 10 and 60 pounds. 

3. Bins Are Easily Removable 

Bin sections are easily removed from a cabinet allowing employees to take an entire grouping to their workstations. This is ideal for situations where employees are building the same item or product back to back and require a large amount of the same pieces. Being able to remove the bins also permits easy re-organizing of a cabinet. 

4. Optimizes the Picking Process  

Once your tools and pieces parts are organized each item will be easy to locate by those employees searching. This will create a quicker picking process for employees and minimize the time spent searching through multiple locations and boxes for a specific item. For facilities working with multiple shifts, it will also create an easy-to-navigate system for shift changes. Not only do bin cabinets increase speed and accuracy in order picking they also reduce the time spent tracking inventory.

5. Multi-functional Design Options and Features 

In addition to different bin sizes and capacities our cabinets are offered in multiple gauges, sizes, and feature additional storage capabilities. There are bin cabinet options in all three gauges, 12 gauge which has a 99-year warranty, 14 gauge which has a 25-year warranty, and 18 gauge which offers a 10-year warranty. Additional storage features include shelving and drawers that can be used for tool storage as well as large parts storage.

We offer customized solutions that may better suit your storage needs, contact us today to get a quote started, or chat online with our material handling experts!