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Automotive Dealership Solutions

We help automotive dealers transform their parts storage and service equipment for a more efficient and successful operation. 

Let us design the perfect space

From parts to service, industrial shelving to engineered mezzanines, we provide the trusted solutions to accomplish all of your storage and equipment needs.

<p>All of your equipment needs, we've got them covered.</p>

All of your equipment needs, we've got them covered.

<p>From concept to reality, we deliver the safest and best optimization of space.</p>

From concept to reality, we deliver the safest and best optimization of space.

Professionally designed

We believe that at the core of every successful project is a clearly defined plan. We help you develop and define your plan, from the ground up. Our design team will work with you to create a clear layout and plan for your project.

Our team of engineers will construct a three dimensional model of your space and the proposed equipment. This helps us ensure a perfect fit, the first time.

Layout and profile drawings can give you a sense of what a solution will look like. But our solid modeling allows us to provide you a virtual walk-through of your new parts room or service bays. You will be able to test drive your project and see how everything fits together and fills the space.

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Parts room solutions

A well-designed parts room makes for an efficient, effective, and adaptable parts department. Successfully growing your dealership requires a parts department that can grow with you while adapting to changing market demands. Having the right parts, in the right place, at the right time, is a simple formula for a highly profitable parts department. A well-or-ganized parts room is the only way to get there. No matter your need, whether designing a new parts room for a brand new building, retrofitting an existing space, or expanding your operation, we can help with a layout, custom-designed to help you meet your business goals.

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Enhanced service bays

A clean, well-organized service department is a hallmark of a successful dealership today. Efficient and organized service departments improve the experience for both customers and technicians. Customers will see their vehicle maintained in a clean, tidy service bay, keep-ing them coming back, visit after visit. Technicians will enjoy an efficient, well organized, and more pleasant working environment, making it easier to keep the best techs on staff. Let our expertise elevate your service efficiency and satisfaction.

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Mezzanines & vertical lifts

Running out of room? Freestanding steel mezzanines allow you to add additional square footage without the hassle or expense of construction. Steel mezzanines are available to fit almost any size room.

Worried about carrying all that material up and down stairs? Additional floors can be serviced by a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC). VRCs allow for goods to be transported between floors, much like an elevator, without the need to install a pit or shaft way.

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Enhance storage security

Losing a high value item eats away at your hard-earned profits. Woven wire partitions improve security in your parts room by creating key controlled access for high-risk or high-value items. Our woven wire partitions are available in a variety of height and finishes with a wide assortment of doors and accessories.

Can we help enhance your auto dealership or service center?

Can we help enhance your auto dealership or service center?

Our team is ready to learn about your goals.

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