Clear-View Cabinets for 5S and Lean Manufacturing

Clear-View Cabinets for 5S and Lean Manufacturing

Ainsley Gialamas

The 5S methodology is summarized by the philosophy of “a place for everything and everything in its place.” As many know 5S represents Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain, each important to improving a company’s processes and creating a lean system in their facility. Our Clear-View cabinets are a perfect storage solution for a 5S facility, or a warehouse looking to operate more lean.

Clear-View cabinets allow for easy sortation and storage of the parts and tools that are regularly used in a specific workspace. When using our storage solutions each item will have its own designated place allowing employees to easily straighten and shine their area while maintaining productivity. These factors will make it easy to standardize and sustain these best practices throughout the facility and across multiple shifts.

Our industrial Clear-View cabinets feature full-length panels that allow for visibility into the cabinet while maintaining security. We offer the 5S cabinets in all three gauges, 12 gauge which has a 99-year warranty, 14 gauge which has a 25-year warranty, and 18 gauge which offers a 10-year warranty. To learn more about the difference in gauges check out our gauge vs. gauge blog post. These cabinets are USA made from industrial heavy-duty steel and are designed for use in production facilities they can withstand demanding environments. Each cabinet offered has a large weight capacity allowing for maximum storage capabilities.  

In addition to the Clear-View cabinets we feature we also offer customized solutions that include additional storage options such as bins and drawers. If you are interested in a custom storage solution that better suits your storage needs, contact us today to get a quote started or chat online with our material handling experts.