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Strong Hold Warranty

Strong design, construction, and warranty.

All Heavy Duty Cabinets are backed by a Strong Hold 10, 15, 25, or 99-year warranty. Details on these warranties can be found on this page and are also downloadable on each product page. The durability, service, and warranty cannot be beaten, and that is why so many customers rely on us for their industrial storage needs.

Warranties by Product Type:

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  12 Gauge Industrial Cabinet

  14 Gauge Industrial Cabinet

  18 Gauge Industrial Cabinet

  12 Gauge Bin Cabinet

  12 Gauge Clear-View Cabinet

  12 Gauge Industrial Locker

  Stainless Steel

  Safety Hazardous Storage

  Industrial Workbench

  Shop Desk

Shop by Warranty

Shop by Warranty

PDF warranty available for download on each product.