Heavy-Duty Cabinets for Government Institutions: How To Pick the Right Cabinets

Heavy-Duty Cabinets for Government Institutions: How To Pick the Right Cabinets

Vinny Camma


When you are looking for Institutional metal cabinets, lockers, or workstations that endure frequent, consistent, and intense use, there is a certain set of qualities you need to make sure your units have to stand up over time. Durability, strength, and security are all at the top of the list, and a compromise on one of these attributes is a compromise on all of them. Beyond these common points, institutional cabinets need to be adapted specifically for certain challenges based on their application use and environment. Cabinets with dangerous or deadly contents must have enhanced methods of security and strength, while other light-duty, low-weight applications with high open and close frequencies need strong, reliable hinges. Continue reading to learn about specific institutional application areas! 

Jails, Prisons, and Rehabilitation facilities 

Depending on what you are storing, different cabinets may require different attributes. We cover some of the most common cabinet applications in jail, prison, and rehabilitation environments, such as tool lockups, armory storage, chemical storage, and more. Enabling access to those who are supposed to have it and preventing access to those who don’t is the key to storage cabinets in

institutional facilities. With a high degree of customizability in locking and securing mechanisms, Heavy Duty Cabinets is bound to have the right solution for your access control needs. These strong cabinets come with other important features, such as solid, ventilated, or windowed doors, as well as high-capacity hooks, garment bars, reinforced shelves, and organizers. 


Police Stations 

Picture this: a patrolman gets back to the station after a long rainy and hot night shift and is ready to go home and see his family. As he enters the locker room to hang up his equipment, he thinks about the damp materials sitting in a dark unventilated locker and the potential smell he might come back to. Don’t let this happen to your officers—make sure you furnish your locker rooms with our high-quality, USA-made tactical lockers and cabinets. Made with durability and security in mind, these cabinets come with ventilated doors, 3-point leaf locks, and a wide variety of locking mechanisms, from keys to keypads to padlocks. 

Fire Stations 

If there's one thing that will always be true about firefighter gear, it's that once you suit up, it gets wet from one side or another, from either sweat on the inside or water from the outside. When you get back to the station, you need a secure cabinet that will be able to handle the weight of your gear in its wet state and allow

for proper ventilation so it can dry without the concerns of mold. At Heavy Duty Cabinets, we have solutions that will withstand the constant abuse of the

firehouse, with heavy gauge steel design and garment bars, punched ventilation, and raised bases. These cabinets are built to last and are a trusted solution for fire stations, with warranties of up to 99 years on our 12-gauge cabinets! 

Military Bases and Facilities 

When selecting lockers and cabinets to set up in a military or government facility, having high-quality options is of incredible importance. Whether you need storage in motor pools, barracks, armories, IT centers, Aircraft Hangers, or medical facilities, our service members need cabinets and lockers they can rely on daily to keep their equipment protected, secure, and functional. From 60-inch-wide solid two-door cabinets to 24-inch ventilated tactical lockers, Heavy Duty Cabinets has solutions to fit every single storage need you might have. We even have worktables and workstations built to stand the test of time from parachute manufacturing tables to multi-purpose workstations for staging, cleaning, or repairing equipment.